Real Rewards or just Inflation

If only staked maturity is used on the CF or SNS then the votes on the NNS will stay the same.

If there is an increase of new neuron owners on the NNS then what happens to the voting and rewards received?

Does the number of votes increase and rewards decrease for each neuron vote or do many miss out on votes and therefore lose rewards all together?

The staked rewards are an increase in inflation and add no value to the token price.

ICP not having a cap supply decreases the token price and the burn rate will not matter.

So I assume that when you staked rewards to the CF or SNS the tokens are just a number as the tokens are then sold on the market value for the project that you are speculating on and I assume the rewards are unknown?

I do not see any real upside but I would propose that a levy of 1% be added to the cost of burned tokens and the cash value be divided amongst voting neurons and added to the staked neurons which can purchase more tokens for votes or cash.

This I believe would incentivise and add real value to investment and not affect inflation.

So while I have 300 tokens in a neuron at 18% I should receive at least 60 tokens rewards is somewhat on track but I have locked the neurons up for 8 years and have over 600 votes which should mean I receive over 120 tokens as a reward or what was is the point of locking in for 8 years?

This is taken from my neuron
(234 days, 10 hours 45.29) = 68 tokens, should it not be 120 + tokens?

When you invest in a company you receive a dividend on top of the shares you have bought but what dividend do you receive in the NNS for your investment.

The system at this point is nothing more than an inflation adjustment tool to stabilize the price.

In my region the government has created so much debt that like some many countries, they have to increase interest rates to slow down the economy and reduce debt.

We are fortunate that we have exports that will provide the government with taxes that will help to reduce the debt but other countries that do not have exports lay broken and starving forever as they have the same system that has been implemented within the NNS.

I do not consider the rewards I receive or in fact not receiving as dividends, as it is more an adjustment to the losses that I am receiving for being a 8 year member to maybe break even.

The only way to provide a more healthy return for investment is to have an export that provides a return that will break the poverty that the NNS is based on.

This whole project is based on an export that is the IC, that sells data and we the investors receive no benefit whatsoever to break the poverty.

It seems the only answer to help the poverty that the NNS is built on is to entice new investors to own neurons much like the poverty stricken countries that receive aid from an outside source that is quickly taken up and does nothing to elevate the poverty problem and both parties are no better off because more and more aid is needed.

An understanding of the poverty system that the NNS is built on and the future outcome of my investment is shown on this link:

But while the NNS has a great future for new developers that will have the same future story like many billionaires that will start out with funding from the NNS to create their ideas and then become successful and become billionaires, we as neuron owners will not share in their success and will still be in poverty receiving less return on our investment that interest rates unable to break out of our poverty because as soon as you start dissolving your 8 year neuron you will receive a piece of nothing or worse off for the next 8 years.

This will include the CF and SNS in my opinion.

While many organizations claim to be charitable the truth is more likely that they never want to stop poverty from happening as then their personal high incomes they receive and are taken from the charities income they receive, would end.

Clearly the NNS is structured to benefit the rich and they will receive this from the sad investors on the NNS so while the claim of a decentralized world is coming it is really just a vail the rich have created to keep their benefits and power clear into the future.

So it is my intention to start dissolving my 8 year neuron and see how the NNS is designed to alienate me for being so despicable that I would dissolve my neuron and how I will be treated for my actions and it was designed this way.

In 8 years I will be 78 years old and then maybe a real dead neuron owner of which if I am still alive will most likely feel that this investment was fruitless but if not then my kids will think it is great as it did not cost them anything.

Of course you are thinking that the price of a token could be astronomical but many of the estimates and the highest token price I have seen was to return back to the beginning price of a few hundred dollars over the next 10 years.

I would argue that the inflation design on the NNS is to keep the price as low as possible for the network owners and the funded billionaires you provided funding for as the beneficiaries.

Cost for my token in the neuron $11,000. 9 years later $60,000 whoop whoop.

The rewards that I have received thus far: Maturity 45.29 will not be stake further into this black hole of poverty but dissolved and return to my coin provider account or maybe into tether for a better return, why would I say that, if the price suddenly increase then I have the option to sell before it goes down again where I will have to wait 8 years for the rest that is 6,666 per year, interesting number, just like the outcome of invest into this poverty, just hell.

So this morning I have started the process of spawning all the rewards that I have received since the start of this journey into staking my tokens and the process of voting to earn rewards.

The grand total for rewards this morning at the market price of $3.62 = $164.56 whoop whoop

This is slave labor with the amount of hours I watch for voting and the hours spent reading and writing on this forum I could have earned much more cleaning toilets.

Before Actions
Age: 235 days, 10 hours

Dissolve Delay: 8 years

Voting Power: 644.98

Calculated as:
(ICP staked + maturity staked) x Dissolve Delay Bonus x Age Bonus
(310.0008 + 0) x 2.00 x 1.04

ICP Stake: 310.0008 ICP

Maturity: 45.46
Merge Maturity has been replaced by Stake Maturity. Learn more.

So after a few minutes I have also started the process of unlocking the neuron and spawning

Start Spawning for Rewards

Spawning; 6 days, 23 hours remaining

This will cause your neuron to lose its age bonus. Are you sure you wish to continue?

7 years, 365 days
Voting Power
Calculated as:
(ICP staked + maturity staked) x Dissolve Delay Bonus x Age Bonus
(310.0008 + 0) x 2.00 x 1.00

IC is to replace the old web from the control of the old system from groups of persons that receive the profits, large pay-packets and the dominant rule that they get from you when you check the box on giving all your rights away.

ICP is used to give web 3 sites the use of the IC

NNS is the nerve center that controls and runs the IC and the group of persons that controlled the web of the past are replaced with everyone who is a NNS neuron holder and that can be anyone in the world.

SNS is the nerve center for developers and projects that are built for the IC for funding and the persons that can control these websites are SNS neurons holders and that can be anyone in the world.

Neurons hold ICP and the amount of tokens you hold gives you voting power for the say in how websites are run.

The whole system is about persons that feel that the current day tech and the control over the world they have with the use of everyone’s personal data and control over their freedoms can be replaced by NNS and SNS neuron holders and that can be anyone in the world.

ICP is not about profits for the neuron holders, in return you can build and fund projects on the IC for voting rights on how they are built.

Replacing small power driven groups for profits from large tech to neuron holders, website builders are free to build without the democracy for freedom and reduced need on fiat currencies.

The ICP is designed to replace the old system of profits and has no place here for high flyers that think this token will go to the moon, you are just receiving voting rights for active or passive future say about the IC.

That is all folks and have a merry Christmas

Isn’t the rule of investment to have a diverse portfolio.

To better your future I’d suggest you invest in stocks, bonds and crypto. That’s the HOLY trinity of investment. Just relying on one is likely to be catastrophic.

Merry Christmas and I wish you the best!

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