Invest in the Future

Invest in the Future
I propose that the stakers of the NNS invest even more.

I would like someone in Dfinity to work out a payment plan where stakers of the NNS could contribute each month to their stake or plan that would outway the cost needed to keep nodes up and running.

I have seen comments in the Governance group who have concerns around the price of the token, inflation and the need to entice more investment into the NNS.

They are calling for new investors but if you have not noticed there are not many investing.

I feel that the current stakers who love this project and want to contribute to see this project reach the heights we would like to see then we can take matters into our hands.

Give your ideas on how we contribute and how to go about it.

Lol, stakers are already down 80%+ and you ask them to toss more money in? Leave them be man


congratulations, what you say is what you get, how about some support and ideas that help.

It seems that the price is the most important consideration for most when you look at the last comment but the fact is your token staked have increased. The price in 12 months can be much higher and those who face fear today will forget.

It is the number of tokens I have and the project that is important and over the next few days I will stake more because I have lost nothing and the price is not my concern.

Hi @kvic,
one vehicle which allows user to invest in the IC ecosystem is the community fund, for which a design proposal was shared here recently. I thinks this goes in the direction of what you are seeking.


So you’re suggesting, instead of finding and motivating new investors to squeeze the current ones?

I don’t think that’s a good idea, several people (like me) might have gone over the top (of planned investment) already a few times, but mainly, if you focus only on already involved community you actually limit a lot the possible growth - I believe right way is to not give up, spread the love and get new investors (with new funds) involved - SUPERNOVA, BTC integration, SNS, shilling, anything.

(All) current investors already know how and where to invest when they want and can.


We’re alr one of the top invested project alr from r&d to Dfinity itself during the funding round (a16z, polychain, kr1, warburg serres, electric capital etc etc) so the next step of the ICP is probably toward the value creation from the Ecosystem below n that’s what community fund, beacon fund, supernova partner trying to do/

And the only thing that the 8years loyalist should position ourselves to do is actually the building of the network effect/ :thinking:


Yes I have been following this and very interested

Thanks for that plask

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Still would like to know cost of NNS/Stakers

What is driving me mad at this point is the most active people in the Governance group have only self interest and want to provide proposals that weaken the NNS and we have one who claims to be in the Dfinity team to one who has made a response here which I call garble.

80%? Make it 98%… But yes, still investing in what i believe to succeed in the future. What depents node providers, they are getting more then enough rewarded. Not 2 weeks ago their reward got decreased beceause it was tremandously high. And allready the first one is begging to get more. Damn what a world

node rewards need to be reduced, and even the NNS voting rewards need to be adjusted downwards over time. to create a scarcity of $ICP and increase in value over time. Too much inflation will destroy the IC economy. it is like countries printing money without control during the Covid period and causing inflation that causes the currency to lose its current value and has an effect on the economy in the long run.

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Thanks for that feedback and good info

Dont forget the burn rate. They should start with that, its insane low for the amount being minted. But good, i think the most already know this…

There seems to be some good ideas here to improve on the NNS and I would like you to elaborate on this further to make what we as stakers have the ability to do, make a proposal that improves the NNS for our interest in this project.

I see the inflation rate of the NNS is too high. Of course people think it’s good to stimulate holders to participate in NNS governance. but it will be a double-edged sword when the amount of $ICP generated is too much, it will make $ICP depreciate, the damage is the $ICP holders. because they get more $ICP but $ICP will gradually lose value because the supply is increasing rapidly. it would be nice to balance the amount of $ICP generated and burned. :thinking:

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I agree, it is important to receive rewards while we can but they will reduce over time and we have a good participation from the follow groups. It sounds like a cap on icp would help the price but I feel this token is about burning cycles and retail buying tokens and less about private stakers who love this project, would another purpose be the answer. Most project start and then build extra services that just make sense as they grow which adds greater value?

I have read over the months about the controls that need to be moved and adjusted to keep the NNS optimal. Inflation rate, token price, burning, total supply and others but to my way of thinking the outcome can be seen by all and we are looking for an answer.

In short in my opinion the token is more about retail and fuel, not a great future for private investors.

At the same time Dfinity has to retain relationships with its partners and as I see it that would be BTC, ETH and other new business that as I put it, to join web4 you know it by IC.

The other main business that IC has is creating or convincing others is to build on the IC, this could be huge and become mainstream.

I think the CF fund may be the answer we are looking for. If the next big thing is new and old business forgoing the old web platform, seeing the future on the IC and the CF is now being added to the NNS for use to be able to transfer tokens to investing in projects that come onto the IC.

But here are my concerns:
I would like to see voting on project types, I am not interested in hype, NFT’s, supporting other crypto currencies for pump and dumpers, excuse my french, genitalia and gaming. I want real projects that, well I believe we all know what that looks like and if you want to pay 10000’s for a space on a server next to some alleged movie start???

But I know NFT has their place but I’ll wait until I can get poor art for free.

I think overtime we could see that by putting more investment into CF will relieve our concerns about having less for our investment in the future on the NNS but in the meantime there is plenty to be rewarded for voting and lot’s to do to get the CF to a point where I would like to start adding or transferring.

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Other links to support my idea:

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