Questions about blob parameter generation (cycles-wallet)

When I want to manage cycles-wallet (cycles-wallet/lib.did at main · dfinity/cycles-wallet · GitHub) how do I create the parameter blob and is there a tool available?

for example
type HttpRequest = record {
method: … ;
url: … ;
headers: … ;
body: blob;

How to create body?Thanks very much!

The answer depends on which client you are using to call the method (JS, Motoko, Rust, dfx etc).

This should provide the answer for you:

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Hey claudio, thanks a lot.
I wanted to use the dfx method to call the test, so I was very confused about manually assembling the parameters. Of course I am very clear about the type structure of the blob, but I would like to be able to convert the request parameters like (body: “name”) into a blob with some tool

In dfx, you can use blob "name\n" to construct the blob type.