[Question] Will cycles be consumed when using a canister in a local net?

When cycles wallet creates a canister, it gives 4_000_000_000 Cycles without any options, but when I use the function, it doesn’t look like the cycles are consumed.

Are the cycles not consumed in the local network?



Same here, that is what I want to ask
Have any information about that?

Does anyone know something about that?

It would be very useful to test the code locally in advance - in order to calculate how many cycles is needed for a particular codebase.

Then I can refactor the code - and test again and see if refactored code consumes less cycles or not…


Yes, that is what we are looking for. It would be great If somebody can help us to achieve these things

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I would also like to start benchmarking cycle usage locally

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Agreed, this would be helpful so I don’t waste cycles in production.

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