QUESTION: Change the SNS canister metadata based on branding changes from "Hot or Not" to "Yral"

We, Yral (previously Hot or Not) are in the process of rebranding and are migrating our brand from Hot or Not to Yral, our new brand.

As part of this migration, we need to also update the metadata on our SNS canisters via governance voting. Looking at the available options here, it looks like this is the proposal type that we need to use and submit a proposal to update the

  • URL
  • name
  • logo
  • description

However, we would also need to update the token ticker which is currently set to HOT.

Please advise us on the right way to approach this.

We assumed that since Dragginz has already been through this process of moving from SNS1 to DKP, this is generally available now but we’ve been told it’s not as simple as an SNS proposal but might need additional steps.


@bjoernek @lara @aterga


Hi @saikatdas0790,

as you can see here for Dragginz this was done via an NNS proposal that approved and SNS-upgrade just relevant for Dragginz.
Since it seem that there were no problems doing this for Dragginz and since multiple other SNS teams requested this, we propose to add this as an SNS feature - so that in the future every SNS can change the symbol by proposal.
This is on our roadmap, but due to other ongoing work, this will likely not be done in the next few weeks.


+1 to this request. Modclub will also need this functionality soon.


That’s good to know!

Hey @saikatdas0790 and @modclub:

  1. You can now change the logo, token symbol and token name via the ManageLedgerParameters proposal.
  2. Cycles Consumption Warning: list_proposals will currently include the new logo in its response. As list_proposals is called quite often, there is a chance that submitting a proposal to change the logo may cause the SNS to start consuming a lot of cycles. A fix is in progress, but until it’s implemented, it might be wise to hold off on submitting logo changes.

Hey @saikatdas0790 and @modclub - the cycles consumption issue has been fixed!

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@Andre-Popovitch We are trying to make the ManageLedgerProposal but we keep getting the error:

1 defects in Proposal: No action was specified

Here is the propsal:

        title = \"Update Ledger Parameters\";
        url = \"\";
        summary = \"This proposal updates the token symbol from MOD to DCD\";
        action = opt variant {
            ManageLedgerParameters = record {
                token_symbol = opt \"DCD\";
                transfer_fee = null;
                token_logo = null;
                token_name = opt \"DecideAI\";
)" > message.json

Updated quill to the latest version and now this is working.

@lara @Andre-Popovitch

When we try to submit the proposal only the token_fee seems to be included in the message even though we have submitted every field.

  Canister id: xvj4b-paaaa-aaaaq-aabfa-cai
  Method name: manage_neuron
  Arguments:   (
  record {
    subaccount = blob "...";
    command = opt variant {
      MakeProposal = record {
        url = "";
        title = "Update Ledger Parameters";
        action = opt variant {
          ManageLedgerParameters = record {
            transfer_fee = opt (10_000 : nat64);
        summary = "This proposal updates the token symbol from MOD to DCD and the logo";
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It looks like there is a bug with the latest quill we had to call the governance canister manually similar to what Catalyze did here:

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Thanks for sharing.
We will try to have a look at it

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. It looks like this was fixed on master but wasn’t released. I’ll let you know when I find out more.

Yes, this was fixed in May but not released! I’ve asked the quill people to release a new version from the latest master. I think it should be out some time next week.

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A new release has been made: Release v0.5.0 · dfinity/quill · GitHub