Python frontend on ICP

Are there any recent examples showing how to use Python to build frontend on ICP?

I am trying to build a simple website using Pyodide and deploy it on ICP.

I only found @crabtr26 post, sharing a demo but couldn’t find any Python code in it or understood how they built it -_- (GitHub - crabtr26/digit_guesser: Demo showing how Pyodide can be used to deploy machine learning models to the browser, on-chain.).


I don’t know of any, but I’m sure it’s possible. @cryptoschindler I see you contributed to ic-py. Do you know if there is an example of it running in an asset canister?

@lastmjs I know Kybra is for canisters, but do you maybe know of an example?

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I highly doubt there’s any example, but if you use something like Pyscript it should be simple. Just build and deploy it to an asset canister. Using ic-py or the agent connecting from JavaScript should be possible, but I haven’t done it.


i just stumbled upon this