Proposals running number

Hi all,

I’ve chosen to follow DFINITY on the “All…” category and for Governance and SNS voting. In my understanding that should cover all possible proposals.
When I check the actual votes that were made by the neurons I see that there are “missing” votes.,
for examples, I see continues votes up to 129560 and then a jump to 129614 - supposedly missing 54 votes.
What am I getting wrong?

Hi @philipy, the gaps you’re observing are Neuron Management proposals. Neuron Management is a special proposal topic for which there are no voting rewards (i.e., the proposal reward status is Ineligible):

Neuron Management

A special topic by means of which a neuron can be managed by the followees for this topic (in this case, there is no fallback to default). Votes on this topic are not included in the voting history of the neuron. For proposals on this topic, only the neuron’s followees on the topic that the proposals pertain to are allowed to vote. Because the set of eligible voters of proposals on this topic is restricted, proposals on this topic have a shorter than normal voting period.

Only the neurons that have “permission” to manage the target neuron identified in the proposal, generally a small number of neurons, can vote on such proposals. And the neurons that do vote on these proposals are not rewarded for doing so.

On the ICP Dashboard, you can filter by the Neuron Management proposal topic and see that proposals 129561 to 129613 were indeed Neuron Management proposals.

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I understand.
Thank you for the quick reply :pray:

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And just to make sure - with the current configuration of following DFINITY for “All Except…” and for “SNS & Neurons’ Fund” and “Governance”, I should have every possible proposal covered, right?

(Assuming Dfinity/Synapse vote all the time)

Yes, that covers all possible proposals that you can vote on.

Great. Thank you again

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