Proposal to elect new release rc--2024-04-03_23-01

Hello there!

We are happy to announce that voting is now open for a new IC release.
The NNS proposal is here: IC NNS Proposal 129035.

Here is a summary of the changes since the last release:

Release Notes for release-2024-04-03_23-01-base (ff10ea1dba07c0f66c66536a46a97146cf260e90)

Changelog since git revision ac971e7b4c851b89b312bee812f6de542ed907c5


  • e98988c08 Crypto: implement tSchnorr in crypto component
  • 3062c81c1 Crypto: implement tSchnorr signature share creation in vault
  • be7aa806e Execution,Message Routing(fuzzing): Add fuzzer for write_overlays_and_verify


  • 85ee051ef Consensus(ecdsa): Finish ongoing signature requests if signing is disabled
  • 9d429457b Consensus: do not halt application subnets on NNS disaster
  • a9a6d00e3 Runtime,Execution: Do not store canister logs if feature is disabled


  • c1df23eb0 Consensus(ecdsa): Only calculate hash of masked kappa transcripts if config exists
  • ff10ea1db Networking: bump h2
  • a126bf44f Networking(consenus_manager): add metric for cancelled requests

Other changes:

  • f340ec873 Execution,Runtime: Revert “fix: Implement smooth heap delta rate limiting”
  • db20c258e Networking,Execution,Runtime,Message Routing(build): Use latest bitcoin-canister release as of 2024-03-27.
  • b033ee439 Node: Updating container base images refs [2024-03-28-0848]

IC-OS Verification

To build and verify the IC-OS disk image, run:

# From
sudo apt-get install -y curl && curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSLO && chmod +x && ./ -c ff10ea1dba07c0f66c66536a46a97146cf260e90

The two SHA256 sums printed above from a) the downloaded CDN image and b) the locally built image, must be identical, and must match the SHA256 from the payload of the NNS proposal.

Reviewers for the CodeGov project have completed our review of this replica update.

Proposal ID: 129035
Full report on OpenChat

At the time of this comment on the forum there are still 2 days left in the voting period, which means there is still plenty of time for others to review the proposal and vote independently.