Proposal to add liquidity to the ICP/ELNA pool on Sonic Dex

Motion Proposal

After discussions with the SONIC team, We propose to add liquidity to the ICP/ELNA pool on Sonic Dex (

Following this motion proposal, we will submit 2 additional proposals to apply for the transfer of 13000 ICP and 2300000 ELNA tokens, respectively from the ELNA AI DAO treasury to the ICP/ELNA Swap canister. (

The destination account for both transfers will be the same but on 2 different ledgers and is as follows:

Principal: 3xwpq-ziaaa-aaaah-qcn4a-cai

Subaccount: [69, 33, 179, 21, 76, 254, 250, 11, 47, 211, 15, 3, 228, 237, 71, 218, 11, 131, 2, 254, 203, 112, 63, 20, 240, 23, 16, 176, 101, 25, 82, 93] (this is the Subaccount generated from the SONIC swap canister, hex encoded as 4521b3154cfefa0b2fd30f03e4ed47da0b8302fecb703f14f01710b06519525d)

Simultaneously, @sonic_ooo & @elna_live will tweet to verify these proposals.

If these proposals are approved, Sonic Dex will add the funds to the liquidity pool.

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[Note - this reply represents my personal opinion and does not represent the opinion of the DFINITY Foundation]

Quick question - given that the exchange rate between ICP and ELNA has fluctuated significantly over the past few days, and is currently at 1 ICP = 93.5 ELNA, whereas this proposal assumes a rate of 1 ICP = 176.9 ELNA, should we expect any excess ELNA tokens to be returned to the treasury after the liquidity is added to the pool?


I bought Elna tokens on Sonic or ICP-Swap before its sns launch on ICP. I can not sent them to my internet Identity. Are this scam tokens? And if not how can I tranfer them to my Identety? Thank you

No the pre-SNS ELNA tokens you purchased are NOT “scam tokens” as you say, they will be migrated to the new SNS ELNA tokens via an airdrop to holders by an SNS proposal which will be put forward for voting by DAO members soon by the ELNA team.

The ELNA team have previously made multiple efforts to inform pre-SNS ELNA token holders about this plan here and also on X and their Discord server. I highly recommend that you join the ELNA Discord server to get support and engage with the ELNA team and community.
Here is an invitation to join ELNA

I just checked the ELNA X/Twitter feed and they posted an update on this topic only yesterday

And please resist the urge to use the word “scam” about a diligent team in a public forum when a little DYOR about a token you chose to invest in would have answered your own question in about 5 minutes.

Apologies to you if I sound a bit narky but I am tired of people (not just you) jumping to “scam” before asking for an explanation or just more information.


I’m of the opinion if you sent the unsupported ELNA LBP token to the NNS - you should not be able to receive ELNA SNS governance tokens in place of your lost tokens.
Chalk it up to a learning experience, an expensive learning experience. But I would suspect you would be more careful next time. It’s crypto after all, most of us have lost crypto or NFT’s because we have done the same or similar. We all learn our lessons.

Makes sense. We need more liquid projects on ICP. I look forward to voting.