Proposal for adding Taggr Network as a named neuron

This is a draft for the proposal adding Taggr Network as a named neuron. Please read it carefully and share feedback. If no issues will be uncovered and no action items will be proposed until Montay, we will submit a corresponding NNS proposal next week.


We, the Taggr DAO, propose to register a named neuron Taggr Network with the id 16737374299031693047 to diversify the landscape of named neurons and to bring more innovation into the space of NNS governance. Our neuron will cast its vote based on the collective votes of Taggr users. In the following sections we explain why our neuron could be very attractive to follow and why it hopefully represents a clear improvement upon the status quo.


Our neuron has no controllers other than the Taggr canister (as a hot-key) which is fully decentralized itself. The neuron was spawned to a principal without a known private key, then the Taggr canister was added as a hot-key and, finally, all followees on the neuron management topic 1 were removed. Hence, our neuron has provably no controllers other than one hot-key being the Taggr canister. This can be easily verified by the following dfx command:

dfx canister --network ic call 6qfxa-ryaaa-aaaai-qbhsq-cai get_neuron_info

and by inspecting the corresponding method implementation.


The voting on all proposals is automated and is carried out by the Taggr canister without any human interactions being necessary. In cases where no users have voted on a proposal, the proposal will be automatically rejected.


Since there are no restrictions on the number of Taggr users voting on a poll, this neuron arguably has a chance to become the most fair and diverse representation of the IC eco-system among all named neurons.


The vote on a proposal is computed from a simple adopt / reject poll on Taggr (see examples) where every individual vote is weighted by the square root of each voter’s karma. Since karma cannot be transferred or bought, the Taggr vote is not a simple majority vote but reflects the opinions of the most active, productive and respected members of the Taggr social network.


Due to discussions happening on Taggr itself in public, anyone will be able to retrace the dynamics of the deliberation and the resulting vote on every proposal. Moreover, anyone is very welcome to join Taggr and to contribute to the voting. Even though new users won’t have enough karma to have a significant impact in the beginning, they have a fair chance to participate in the discussions and convince other users.


We first start voting on the following topics: “Governance”, “Replica Version Management”, “Network Economics” and “SNS & the CF”. The Taggr canister will vote on each proposal under these topics after exactly 3 days after the proposal’s creation.

To do our part in the maximal decentralization of the IC governance, our neuron will not follow any other neuron and will reject all proposals where the Taggr cannot vote yet. At the same time we commit to the following principles:

  1. We will try to attract voters to other topics over time.
  2. If our automated rejections start to be harmful to the #IC in any form, we will either start voting on proposals of the affected topics or we will delegate our vote to appropriate neurons by following them (this can be done with the hot-key control).

The rejection of proposals instead of following DFINITY by default is considered as a harmless experiment and motivated by increasing the visibility of the factual community VP.


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This proposal has been submitted to the NNS as requested by @christian and the Taggr DAO.