Proposal 56430 (

Proposal 56430 by @ysyms attempts to crowd-fund spam proposals (Internet Computer Network Status); exactly along the attack vectors as i had forewarned; for the increase in rejection cost of governance proposal to 10 ICP. Disclaimer: i am not associated with @ysyms.

What is particularly interesting about this proposal is that we should know relatively quickly (May 1st is the deadline to crowd fund next month’s spam proposals) if there is interest amongst mini-whales to fund this.

If it is successful, it would be interesting to know the distribution of contributions (600 ICP is the current total goal).

If it isn’t successful, it would VERY interesting also. There are YES votes on the proposal as we speak. But do these YES votes actually translate into ICP donations to the crowdfund.

IMO: NNS is expected to be active governance. NNS actively penalizes non-active participants (stake holders that do not vote on governance proposals do not get appropriate maturity). Further there is, currently, no real way of deciding a spam proposal vs non-spam proposal.

Accordingly i will be voting YES to fund this. I will also be contributing 50% of what i expect to gain through this crowd-funding activity into the crowdfund. Historically i expect to see doubling of my rewards through 2 governance proposals. So if i expect to gain 10 additional ICP in May, I would contribute 5 icp to this proposal.

Yes, from gaining point of view, I would like to vote YES. Hope the governance should be as active as possible. From active point of view, @ysysms really help the community. If this succeeds, I think the ppl from the community that don’t know how to Initiate a governance proposal, could send the proposal to @ysysms to help, maybe in the meantime, if the proposal make sense, could increase the probability of success.

The account now has over 600 ICP: Internet Computer Network Status

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