Pre SNS Funding Neurons

For OpenFPL I have 120 NFT holder NNS principal ids and I would like to assign 5 neurons to each holder. However I received a warning stating I can only have 100 neurons in my sns_init.yaml.

Is there any way I can work around this?

Currently I am going to have to give a single neuron to each holder, allowing a lot of the token to become liquid at the same time and ideally I would stage the neuron’s vesting period.


How you fix this problem?

I didn’t. Due to the lack of response I couldn’t stage the neuron releases over time.

Millions of my tokens were released in one go and to this day the price suffers and I receive criticism for this decision.

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Understood, now we also prepare for SNS at few month and i think how we can make token pre-sale better. And how seed investors can take neurons after SNS

In future I would mint the presale tokens to the treasury and create the neurons after the sale.

Put in the terms and conditions of your presale that tokens will be released to investors along this schedule as the technology allows until dfinity add more than 100 spaces in the sns init or implement a solution for presale investors


Hello @jamesbeadle I have a question that is sort of on this topic. When investors participate in a crowdfunding campaign on Funded they receive an NFT as proof of their contribution. That NFT cannot be stored in their Internet Identity, correct? But then when the SNS sale is complete and it is time to distribute the project tokens to DAO members, including the crowdfund participants, in locked neurons they require an Internet Identity, correct? I’m a bit confused as to how the crowdfund participants get their tokens in locked neurons if their NFT can’t be stored in their Internet Identity?

So for OpenFPL, I built another site for mapping the funded NFT to NNS principal ID.

It is really important that you put in your funded NFT description that purchases of NFTs after the SNS are not entitled to tokens though.

TBH I wouldn’t even use an NFT to do this going forwards, I would just create the site to participate in the presale and take the NNS principal ID. Skip the NFT thing altogether but I get people like NFTs so if you go this route just remember you have no control of the funded NFT description after the campaign starts.

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I’m not saying the code is good but it did the job:

It had to be React too instead of Svelte to get the stoic window to load, I only implement stoic too and made everyone move the NFT.

Again, did a job.


Good solution, we also think make warrant token on pre sale, and after launch make swap page where you can swap warrant, nft to original token (after vesting) like here, but in this case we should move tokens from neuron manually to our swap, this may confuse investors

Thanks for answer and advise, really appreciate it. Also just wanted to let you know that it was seeing your project launch successfully that inspired me to get my project going. Not quite ready to introduce it to the community yet, but if you’re interested in taking a look I love to know what you think about it. Could dm you? Thanks again and thanks for giving guys like me a roadmap to success to follow…

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Of course mate, dm away, would love to see it.