🤗 *PocketIC*: Fast and versatile Canister Testing in Rust and Python

Hi, I am facing an issue while deploying Azle canisters in PocketIC.

Failed to submit ingress message: Request 0xe0f1ba98a0f5d58ba935b66d48dc348e216c8d1ca31010bb2bac95a4d9bf087a is too large. Message byte size 7278992 is larger than the max allowed 3670016.

I checked my canister’s wasm file. It’s indeed around 7MB. So is there any solution for this?
I tried optimizing the Azle binary but can’t get it to go less than 3MB.

Hi @sudoshreyansh, you could try zipping your Wasm and then uploading it.

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Rust crate pocket-ic 2.2.0 is not compiling with candid ^0.10 and ic_cdk ^0.13. (due to pocket-ic depending a specific version of candid_derive)

The PocketIC Server is at 3.0.1. Should these versions follow each other?

I tried downgrading some deps but still could not find a version match for my workspace.

This pinned dependency will be relaxed in the next release. Until then, please try to use an older version of ic_cdk.
Apologies for the situation, I know it is not ideal. The root cause is a breaking change between ic_cdk 0.12.0 and 0.12.1 (which I did not expect in a version change in the least significant digit).

The library 2.2.0 is compatible with server 3.0.1. The reason they diverge is that the server’s API has had breaking changes, but the library did not have to change its user-facing API to be able to use the new server.

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