Please relook on decision on_____One NNS principal id will receive one airdrop

Dear Dfinity team,

Always passonate to ICP and love to be part of it.

We as IC community comes with one comment that says “One NNS principal id will receive one airdrop”

We as a IC community request to stake holders and all representative of dfinity foundation to please relook on your decision/praposal on “One NNS principal id will receive one airdrop”

Beacuse we as a IC community work hard to stay engage on each platform and spend time to make platform Excellent

I suggest Airdrop should not be on one NNS principal ID.

It’s a reward, should be distributed to different platform participants

Should not be either on basis of principal ID.

Each platform user must get an individual SNS Airdrop.

Distrikt, dscvr & openchat user should get individual Airdrop

With love
IC Community


Since they refused to listen many people are already creating multiple internet identity account to open multiple NNS account and copy the principal ID just to make sure they received all their 3 SNS airdrops

This is encouraging people to create fake account

Not good

It will also encourage people that did NOT have an Internet Identity yet to actually make one and this is good in my opinion

One people create 3 different internet identity for 3 device and How that 3 device benefit it?

I do not work on SNS but I can summarize the thought process:

  1. Constraint: each airdrop needed a principal
  2. Goal: Work with IC platforms (like DSCVR) to help promote them. We want to do more of this.
  3. Constraint: If all it took was a principal, a clever person could take all the airdrop tokens by programmatically creating principals, so adding some platform-specific constraints was a reasonable way to maximize number of human beings. Could people make more accounts? yes, there are reports of some people creating a few fake accounts… but nothing like creating thousands programmatically.

Most important points: SNS-1 is an essentially a trivial demo test dapp to test how SNS DAOs will be launched. The demand to the team has been a surprise, albeit. good one. But this means the SNS team wanted to airdrop it, but also keep it very simple since this is not the main thing being tested in SNS-1


Thank you friend for your valuable reply

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