SNS-1 Presale Lottery

I anticipate the presale of SNS-1 tokens (20-30% of total supply, I thought I saw this being the presale distribution figure?) being in high demand because of the 1-ICP maximum presale limit that is set, combined with the huge amount of people who wanted the airdrop but didn’t qualify whom will most likely want to purchase during presale.
Will there be a lottery to determine who can
purchase during the presale because of the
anticipated demand? (List of randomly selected NNS Principal ID’s having first right of refusal to purchase the token, perhaps.)
Can the SNS handle the rush of people who will try to purchase SNS-1 tokens at the same time if it’s a first come first serve battle - do we anticipate
that there will be bottlenecks? For example DSCVR was incredibly slow and didn’t work right at times during the SNS-1 NFT airdrop.
I realize the SNS-1 is the trial run for more important launches on the SNS, but I am just as
excited to purchase my 1 ICP worth of SNS-
1 tokens at presale as I am for the future
token launches. Thanks again for all the work you do for the community.


Hi, maybe this is what you are looking for?

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Thanks my friend. Looks like presale will be 3141 SNS-1 governance tokens. Maybe I’m wrong that there won’t be demand, I’m assuming though these will be first come first serve. Limited to the first 3141 NNS Principal ID’s that want to spend their maximum of 1 ICP. I think demand will be through the roof. That is why I asked if there will be a presale lottery determined randomly to select which NNS Principal ID’s have first right of refusal for purchasing SNS-1 governance tokens. Maybe it could be a feature added on for future SNS presales, we are the first experiment after all.

In addition as an SNS-1 governance token airdrop recipient, my first order of business will be to propose through the SNS-1 governance portal that our Dao create and issue for immediate release a meme coin to sell to the public to generate additional funds for our DAO’s treasury for other ventures.
My call to action for fellow SNS-1 governance token holders: We’re standing at the precipice, we must take immediate action through our Dao to create a meme coin to sell to the public to generate additional funds for future projects. This must be our first order of business, we must draft a proposal and vote for the release of a meme coin. Spread the word to fellow governance holders, anyone who can assist, they must. We are the future.
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I also want to buy SNS-1. Can you tell me where to get it? If there is a sale on ICdex, I can easily buy it. I don’t know about other platforms or how to take advantage of airdrops

If I’m not mistaking, I believe it’s going to be via the NNS, going to have an SNS tab where you can participate. I’m only guessing if it’s anything like how it is via testnet. Someone else can feel free to expand on that.

Edit: yeah, I see they’ve just added the Launch Pad into the NNS, so that’s where the sale will be.

The initial sale will only be available via NNS:

It would be nice if Dfinity decided to allocate the sale to 8 year stakers only :wink:

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