Persistent custom domain error (response body is too large, the current limit is 10mb)

Hey there, we are currently looking into a bug that seems to only occur on our custom domain (, and not on our canister ID URL ( It looks like it can’t load the index.js file because of 10mb limit. Since the canister id url is working fine, wanted to check if someone else getting the same error.

Hey @barolukluk, this is a regression introduced in a new service worker canary that is currently in circulation. We’ve identified the issue and have a fix going into the pipeline now, it will take some time to get it out but it will be resolved today. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


@barolukluk do you maybe have an issue in your bundler (webpack or other tool) configuration?

If I understand correctly, the error is popping up because the index.js that has to be downloaded weight more than 10mb. While it’s cool to rollout a fix, 10+ mb for a JavaScript file feels to me really unexpected. Even on a web2 server this would lead to bad perf.

That’s why I am asking if maybe something is not set or broken in your pipeline?
Is the file minified?
Are you gzipping it?

By maybe checking this, it will already maybe be possible to solve the issue.


We’ve disabled the canary running this version of the SW. There will be a new version out soon that fixes this.

+1 to @peterparker 's comments though. That’s a pretty large JS file …


We were able to decrease the index.js file size under the 10mb to make the PROD up and running again by doing some simple fixes. We’ll look into some deeper solutions such that gzipping the build and removing all the unnecessary packages etc. Thanks for the help.