Paused: BNT-12 - Ordinal Inscription Canister


Status: Paused
Project Type: Cooperative/Contest - Multiple workers can submit work and the bounty is shared
Time Commitment: Days
Experience Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Size: USD 5’000 in ICP (at time of distribution)
Deadline: -


Inscriptions are arbitrary data associated with a specific Satoshi. Inscriptions can be used to create Bitcoin NFTs and overlay protocols such as BRC-20. In this bounty, you’ll implement a canister to inscribe arbitrary data using threshold ECDSA.

Regular inscriptions use Pay-to-Taproot (P2TR), which requires Schnorr signatures. The Internet Computer, however, does only support threshold ECDSA for now, and you need to fall back to using Pay-to-Witness-Script-Hash (P2WSH). There was a small prior bounty to create a Proof-of-Concept for inscribing using P2WSH. Currently, these inscriptions won’t be indexed by and hiro, but there is an open pull request to ord.


  • Should have an API to inscribe arbitrary data up to the max size.
  • Should be able to hold ordinals in custody to inscribe
  • Should be able to take fees from Bitcoin transactions
  • Should provide a launchpad frontend

Acceptance Criteria

  • Service Canister and frontend deployed to the Internet Computer
  • Proper Readme, see here
  • Open Source license (MIT or Apache-2.0)

Evaluation Criteria

  • Functionality
  • Code quality
  • Design/UX

How to participate?

Post your submission in this thread.
Please be aware that Terms and Conditions of the DFINITY Developer Grants Program apply.



Hi @domwoe

I’d like to work on bounties again, but I see that the deadline for this one was for 10th of september. Is it still possible to work on it ? If yes are you going to extend the deadline?
Same questions for BNT-10 and BNT-11.

Also if I understand correcly everyone can submit work before the deadline and then the bounty is shared (i suppose based on the quality of each submission).

Thank you

Hi @sardariuss,

I appreciate your interest. Since there’s no submission to the bounties yet, we are accepting late submissions.

Yes, that’s correct.

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Hi @domwoe,

I’ve noticed this morning that the pull request has been closed (not merged, unless I’m mistaken). So is it actually worth working on this bounty? Adding @bob11 because he seemed the most involved on this topic.

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