Outdate `nnsdapp` of `dfx nns install` and `dfx nns import`

I deployed nns in local by running dfx nns install, and then mint and transfer icp token in nns frontend dapp. But i got:

Sorry, there was an error trying to execute the transaction. Call was rejected: Request ID: bf75b8505c104fbaaebd91bea85baf034a4bfc42a130354e69b11e84394c0a5d Reject code: 5 Reject text: Canister ryjl3-tyaaa-aaaaa-aaaba-cai trapped explicitly: Panicked at 'Deserialization Failed: "Fail to decode argument 0 from table5 to record {\n to : vec nat8;\n fee : record { e8s : nat64 };\n memo : nat64;\n from_subaccount : opt vec nat8;\n created_at_time : opt record { timestamp_nanos : nat64 };\n amount : record { e8s : nat64 };\n}"', rs/rust_canisters/dfn_core/src/endpoint.rs:122:41

here is my dfx version:

(base) root@DESKTOP-D2P8H7D:~/projects# dfx --version 
dfx 0.14.1
(base) root@DESKTOP-D2P8H7D:~/projects# dfx cache show

Probably we need mint option in dfx ledger subcommand:

(base) root@DESKTOP-D2P8H7D:~/projects# dfx ledger
Ledger commands

Usage: dfx ledger [OPTIONS] <COMMAND>

  account-id         Prints the ledger account identifier corresponding to a principal
  balance            Prints the account balance of the user
  create-canister    Create a canister from ICP
  fabricate-cycles   Local development only: Fabricate cycles out of thin air and deposit them into the
                         specified canister(s). Can specify a number of ICP/e8s (which will be converted to cycles
                         using the current exchange rate) or a number of cycles. If no amount is specified, 10T
                         cycles are added
  notify             Notify the ledger about a send transaction to the cycles minting canister. This command
                         should only be used if `dfx ledger create-canister` or `dfx ledger top-up` successfully
                         sent a message to the ledger, and a transaction was recorded at some block height, but
                         for some reason the subsequent notify failed
  show-subnet-types  Show available subnet types in the cycles minting canister
  top-up             Top up a canister with cycles minted from ICP
  transfer           Transfer ICP from the user to the destination account identifier
  help               Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

      --network <NETWORK>
          Override the compute network to connect to. By default, the local network is used. A valid URL (starting
          with `http:` or `https:`) can be used here, and a special ephemeral network will be created specifically
          for this request. E.g. "http://localhost:12345/" is a valid network name
  -v, --verbose...
          Displays detailed information about operations. -vv will generate a very large number of messages and
          can affect performance
  -q, --quiet...
          Suppresses informational messages. -qq limits to errors only; -qqqq disables them all
      --log <LOGMODE>
          The logging mode to use. You can log to stderr, a file, or both [default: stderr] [possible values:
          stderr, tee, file]
      --logfile <LOGFILE>
          The file to log to, if logging to a file (see --logmode)
      --identity <IDENTITY>
          The user identity to run this command as. It contains your principal as well as some things DFX
          associates with it like the wallet [env: DFX_IDENTITY=]
      --provisional-create-canister-effective-canister-id <PRINCIPAL>
          The effective canister id for provisional canister creation must be a canister id in the canister ranges
          of the subnet on which new canisters should be created
  -h, --help
          Print help

have to use account-id to transfer icp token in this version of nnsdapp :sweat_smile: