Origyn Hackathon now open for Registration

The ORIGYN Hackathon is now open for registration!

Join our inaugural coding event and contribute to one of the longest-running projects on the Internet Computer blockchain. Explore ORIGYN’s tech, build with other developers in the Web3 ecosystem, and earn $OGY for your contributions.

Final submissions must meet qualifications such as incorporating the ORIGYN NFT standard or integrating with existing applications that store non-trivial data inside an ORIGYN Digital Certificate.

The grand prize winner will receive 1,000,000 $OGY and a $25,000 DFINITY grant and the second prize winner will receive 250,000 $OGY and a $5,000 DFINITY grant.

Join as an individual or a team of up to six participants. Register now and stay tuned for updates on the ORIGYN Discord. Happy building!

More info: Medium

Registration: Here

Submission Deadline: February 28th, 2023



  • A digital authorship project that allows users to publish media as a limited resource that must be traded for others to experience it.
  • A game that uses ORIGYN Digital Certificates as game assets with game state about the object stored inside the NFT.
  • A communication platform that stores messages and permissions inside an ORIGYN Digital Certificate and gates the content by properties of the collection.
  • A marketplace/collection statistic monitoring solution.


  • If you have already received or are currently participating in a DFINITY grant, you ARE still eligible for these grants. They will commence after your current grant is completed.
  • You can wait to register/start until the last week of the hackathon, but getting started earlier will give you a head start.
  • We will be holding regular spaces on our discord (ORIGYN Foundation) for workshops, brainstorming, and troubleshooting. Feel free to ping us there.