Orderswap Layer2

Project highlights

Orderswap Layer2 mainly relies on Dfinity’s cross-chain capabilities to connect all public chains. At the same time, through Layer2’s high TPS, it meets the needs of high-performance blockchain applications, such as transactions, social networking, e-commerce, etc.

How is it built

Build on rust

Internet Computer superpowers

Dfinity’s TECDSA and TEDDSA and T-SCHNORR to be released in the future provide critical support for integrating multiple chains from the bottom up.

Go-To-Market strategy

Decentralized exchanges that support the entire chain of assets, are gas-free, support all mainstream wallets, and have centralized performance have product advantages. At the same time, we have a good community and early bird users


Of course, for unprofitable projects, where will the R&D expenses come from? SNS is not considered at the moment

Status of the project

Coming online soon. Million TPS


Deland Labs · GitHub

Future Plans

We will continue to iterate this Layer 2, which will provide infrastructure support for our DEX in the initial stage. When it matures in the future, it can provide a powerful infrastructure for more projects.

Hello, Can you explain a little more about your project?
if you could also provide some links around your platform and GitHub repo i would appreciate it.

This is exciting. Where can I go to be an early participant in this project?