Open source icrc1 wallets

Does anyone have an overview of which ICP and ICRC1 capable wallets (frontends) are open source and what technology they use (language, framework)?

Besides the NNS-dapp frontend I mean. It doesn’t have to be wallet-only software, can be any code that moves tokens as part of something else. I am looking for a as wide as possible range of example frontend code that moves tokens.



Tonic Labs Stoic Wallet is open source, uses the MIT license which is quite generous of them.

The language they used is JavaScript, as you can see on Github:

As most people these days they use React, and Material UI Core for React:

This is a start, you can check the folks at Plug which I suspect use React and JavaScript as well :wink:

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Just in case, in NNS-dapp we use the library we open-sourced - @dfinity/ledger - to interact with ICRC ledger compatible canisters.