NNS TVL Converted from USD to CNY for 4th of July


You’ve got a question about it?

The TVL canister now provides the TVL in various currencies so we were asked to reflect those to the UI. So, each time you open the dapp, it might display the TVL a different currency. This display change was proposed in penultimate proposal I think.

My suggestion would be to show TVL either only in USD or in all intended currencies on the same page. There’s definitely enough space for all of them.

Thanks for the suggestion. However, to be honest with you, I doubt we will be working on changing the UI display of the TVL in the near future. While it’s not my decision to make, I have a gut feeling that it’s unlikely to happen but, again, well noted and shared with the team.

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“Make an TVL display in the 5 biggest fiat currencies simultaneously: USD, GBP, CHF, EUR and YEN, or add an option to display only one selected by the user.” - this will be the best solution than displaying the value in a random currency, the valuation of which I can’t currently track, which makes this option useless at times.

@Berg, I think that the foundation’s plans can always be changed by creating a proposal for changes in the NNS Governance :wink:

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Sure, for something as trivial as TVL denomination.

I haven’t seen a proposal to date that passed while aiming to take a piece of Dfinity’s Pie. :slight_smile:

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This is utterly pointless. Whose bright idea was it to display the locked ICP converted into different currencies rather than simply showing the actual amount of locked ICP?

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People in ties from Goldman Sachs and Federal Reserve had to push hard.

The next proposal for NNS dapp will suggest reverting the display of TVL in multiple currencies and returning to showing it solely in USD.

PR in review: https://github.com/dfinity/nns-dapp/pull/2853