NNS dApp Suggestion

I know the NNS FE team is busy but this one should be simple if you agree @peterparker @lmuntaner

For folks using several hardware wallet ledgers connected to a single II on the NNS FE dApp, it can get confusing remembering which neurons relate to which ledger devices. Lets say you have connected three hardware devices as a hotkey to the NNS FE dApp:

  1. Ledger Device A
  2. Ledger Device B
  3. Ledger Device C

Lets say you have two neurons for each ledger device (so 6 neurons in total), currently it is impossible to tell which neuron relates to which device since all it states is “Hotkey control”.

Rather, it would be better to signal just above the neuron ID “Ledger Device A” or whatever the Ledger Device the neuron belongs to, as labelled when you first attached the hardware wallet.

If you created the neuron using II without attaching a hardware wallet, it could either leave it as it is now or add something like “Internet Identity Controlled”.

LMK what you think. Cheers!


Thanks for the feedback. There is a similar feature request - “being able to nickname / add label to neurons” - made by the community in our backlog. I will add your post to it.