NNS Dapp Feature request - Payment Approvals

Pretty much all of the tokens in the NNS dapp are ICRC-2 enabled (approve/transfer from functionality).

It would be very helpful if, for ICRC-2 enabled token ledgers, the NNS dapp provided a “approve” button (next to send/recieve) allowing users to approve a certain amount of funds to be spent by other accounts.

Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 13.54.13

There are a number of DeFi use cases (i.e. recurring payments/contributions) that this workflow could open up.


Hey @icme, thanks a lot for reaching out! I definitely agree that this would be a useful feature, allowing the NNS dapp wallet to be used in more DeFi scenarios. However, given our limited resources, and current focus, it will be hard to prioritise. Let me elaborate.

The NNS dapp has to make a conscious decision where to put more resources. Should the NNS dapp become a better general-purpose wallet playing a role in ICP’s DeFi ecosystem, or a better on-chain governance tool playing a bigger role as the hub of ICP governance. Given the great existing ecosystem wallets, we see more value in expanding the NNS dapp’s governance capabilities, for example giving more tools for SNS communities to interact with their DAOs for example.

This doesn’t mean that DFINITY will never submit proposals for wallet-related features, but to have the NNS dapp play a proper role in ICP’s DeFi landscape, it would need to do a lot of catchup just to match some of the key features that ecosystem wallets have had for a long time.

I hope this makes sense, thanks again for the post!