NNS: changing vote possible?

I noticed that once a neuron votes it seems not possible to change the vote. Is this set in stone or is this a front end implementation type thing?

I am pretty sure once a vote is submitted on the NNS it cannot change… but I dont have 100% certainty so I pinged someone from the NNS team who knows the code to actually confirm.

You may be interested in this proposal 38985 that passed in Jan 2022. It is being worked on by Dfinity.


Thanks for pinging us. You are right @diegop and in the current implementation a vote that is submitted cannot be changed.
Note that this has some advantages, notably for the wait-for-quiet algorithm that ensures there is enough time for voters to react if a proposal result is turned around (this would be hard if votes can be changed after the fact).

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so does that mean that if i follow a neuron and disagree with its’ vote that i would be able to manually vote the other way?

Yes. That is the idea. Your Followee can vote any time on your behalf, but if you disagree with the vote you can still vote manually.

This enables a public neuron to vote any time without having to intentionally give followers time to vote and it gives all neuron owners the opportunity to ensure that their vote is cast according to what they believe is in their best interest on each individual proposal.