NFTStudio24- Japanese decentralized Media Platform

Project Highlights

NFTStudio24 is a revolutionary platform that offers a comprehensive source of news, insights, and education on blockchain, Web3, and NFTs. Our target users include crypto enthusiasts, investors, artists, and anyone seeking to understand the rapidly evolving world of digital assets. We address the need for clarity and accessibility in the crypto space by presenting complex topics in a user-friendly FAQ format.

Web3 Advantages

NFTStudio24 stands out from traditional Web2 news platforms by providing in-depth coverage of blockchain and Web3 technologies. Unlike WhatsApp, our project is not a direct replacement but rather a specialized resource for crypto and NFT enthusiasts. Our distinctiveness lies in the focus on educational content and our integration with the Internet Computer.

How It Is Built

NFTStudio24 is built using a combination of Motoko and Rust programming languages. We leverage the Internet Computer’s blockchain technology for secure and transparent data storage. Our front-end utilizes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for an intuitive user interface. Below is an overview of our architecture:

Design decisions include user-centric features such as personalized news feeds, gamified quizzes for knowledge acquisition, and an engaging visual style to enhance user experience.

Internet Computer Superpowers

The Internet Computer’s features played a pivotal role in making NFTStudio24 possible. We benefit from its decentralized architecture, ensuring data integrity and censorship resistance. Smart contracts on the Internet Computer enable secure reward distribution for users who engage with our content. The scalability of the Internet Computer ensures a seamless user experience, even during peak traffic periods.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Our strategy involves targeting crypto communities, participating in blockchain conferences, and forming partnerships with prominent projects in the space. We plan to engage with crypto influencers and educators to promote our platform. Additionally, we’ll actively participate in forums, Discord channels, and social media platforms to connect with our target audience.


While our primary goal is to educate and inform, we have plans for monetization. We’ll explore advertising partnerships with blockchain-related companies, offer premium content subscriptions, and integrate NFT-based rewards for user engagement. Decentralizing governance and launching a native token (SNS) are part of our long-term strategy.

Status of the Project

As of now, NFTStudio24 is in its beta stage, with a functioning website and a growing community. We’ve published informative articles, FAQs, and quizzes, and have garnered a user base of 10,000 active users. Our GitHub repository is actively maintained, and we have received positive feedback from early adopters.


Future Plans

Our future plans include:

  • Expanding our content library to cover emerging blockchain and NFT trends.
  • Launching a native governance token (SNS) for community participation.
  • Hosting educational webinars and attending major blockchain conferences.
  • Applying for grants to further enhance our platform’s features and reach.

It looks fantastic, and I sincerely wish you outstanding success.

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This looks really great, congratulations on launch

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congrats, we have just completed our into rarity @ outrank

It may have some crossover with your project

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Dear Community,

I hope you are doing well. I would like to inform you that our Japanese version is now live, and transferring the English version to the blockchain is a significant step forward.

I need your help. Please review our Japanese version and share your comments if you see any issues in coding, design, smart contracts, or anything else. I am very grateful for your support.

This project will revolutionize the media industry. We aim to monetize the media platform not only for content creators but also for readers and viewers.