New Prng package for Motoko

We have published a new package “prng” on mops: Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap

It generates deterministic pseudo-random numbers and is fast. It requires ~300 wasm instructions per Nat64 output. Two generators are provided, one of them SFC (Small Fast Chaotic PRNG) which is compatible with a generator in numpy. The other generator is called Seiran128.

The main purpose is the use in tests written in Motoko. But there might be use cases in canister code as well.

If you have feature requests then please let us know. The interface is basic right now and the only output type available is Nat64, which is the raw generated bits. One could think about a convenience interface to produce random other types such as NatX, Char, Principal, Bool, Float or a requested length Blob, [Nat8], Text. If you have a use case then please let us know here or on OpenChat: OpenChat: Decentralized chat on the Internet Computer