New and Improved Rust CDK: First-class support for Rust Canister Development

So the small Wasm binary limit is causing a lot of problems for Azle and Kybra, as documented and actively discussed here: Allow installation of large Wasm modules

We’re starting to explore an interim solution beyond Wasm binary optimization and gzipping, as that is no longer enough in all use cases we have come across. The only remaining solution before the protocol-level Wasm binary limit lift seems to be to chunk upload to an intermediate canister, and have that canister install the Wasm binary to the destination canister.

Currently, the inter-canister message limit within a single subnet is 10 MiB, while the limit on messages between subnets is 2 MiB.

My question is if this “hack” will hold until the Wasm binary limit can be lifted. Can we depend on this and introduce this as part of the official Azle/Kybra deploy process?

Also, how can I ensure that the intermediate canister and the destination canister are deployed into the same subnet? If they’re not, then this hack cannot be used as the 10MiB limit would be reduced to 2MiB for a cross-subnet call.

Perhaps this is the answer to ensuring subsequent canisters are deployed to the same subnet? Each canister deployed from the same cycles wallet is automatically deployed to the same subnet? Could we deploy a canister on a specified subnet? - #4 by alexa.smith