New and Improved Rust CDK: First-class support for Rust Canister Development

@roman-kashitsyn I’m working on Kybra, a Python CDK, and unfortunately I just ran into the Wasm binary size limit again, even with gzip. When I include the stdlib for Python using the RustPython VM, the binary after optimization and gzipping is ~10mb and it gets rejected. I hope I can get around this by optimizing somehow, but here I am reaching the limit again as I’m trying to implement the same tech we have on Web2.


I believe the next step will be implementing a chunking protocol for the canister module installation. I created an IC feature for that in May, but there has been a lot of more urgent stuff on the execution’s team plate (DTS & scheduling, firefighting & squeezing perf, bitcoin integration, etc.).


I have being using ss uploader:

It creates chunks of the wasm module, works very well!