Neuron management and security questions

Hi Dfinity community,

I’m curious to know if any information or documentation has been released on Neuron management.

  • How do we interact with the neuron? Is there a list of possible operations?
  • Do we have to write our own software to interact with the neuron or will some sort of interface be provided?
  • Will we be able to change ownership of the neuron even if its ICP tokens are locked? I imagine this is very necessary functionality for security purposes… if keys are potentially compromised we need to be able to shift to a new secure set of keys. Companies have policies of creating new keys periodically whether or not there is reason to believe the originals have been compromised. I feel that this functionality should be available on day one.
  • Accordingly will we be able to control a neuron from a hardware wallet? Again I feel this functionality should be available on day one. I do not want to see the community targeted by malware.

Great points and questions mac, we’ll have more info and documentation coming on all of this. There will be an interface you can use to interact with them.

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