Native Windows Support?

Hi Mike

It is a bit mysterious I agree, but glad you made it in!

For Windows, running in Windows Subsytem for Linux with VSCode works seamlessly, so I would recommend that approach. Note it must be WSL version 2, which requires Windows 10 v2004 or higher:

  1. A guide to installing WSL v2 is here:

  2. To connect VSCode to WSL:

  3. Install web tools like npm etc. in WSL instead of (or alongside if you like) Windows native.

  4. Store your projects within the WSL filesystem (not within the Windows directories via /mnt/)

To open a project folder in VSCode straight from WSL, navigate to it in the WSL terminal and run (note the . )

code .

If you prefer to explore folders with a GUI you can also run explorer.exe . from any directory in the WSL terminal to open Windows File Explorer in that directory.

VSCode has the Motoko extension too, which works across the WSL connection: Motoko - Visual Studio Marketplace

While WSL is technically still running on Hyper-V, it does hide all of this from you. I’ve run the sdk on several platforms and assuming you’re happy using VSCode you really don’t notice the difference, it’s worth giving it a go.