Multible frontend and testing performance tool

Hi everybody,
Does dfinity supporting multible frontend assets in the same project?

How can I test the performance is there a tool you advice. for examble I need to test CRUD operations performance for bunch of data.

The question is a bit vague.

Have you browsed through the tutorials, e.g. the one on customising your frontend? If you want to test the time to obtain an asset on your local Internet Computer instance or on the Internet Computer network, you should deploy your motoko project and load it with Chrome Developer tools/Network. For instance, such window would show you that you are loading the Base Motoko files when you are browsing the docs.

For more complex tasks such as loading videos, you should have a look at dfinity’s github account and the example projects in particular.

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yes thanks @factorlive i went through the tutorials and I found it possible to make mutli-frontend canistors. my concern was more about is it a correct to use multible frontend entry point in one project or it could affect the performance in asuch way from point of your view.

Hi amr, this wouldn’t affect performance, you’d be fine to use multiple frontend entry points.