Motoko (not Rust) Cron Jobs / Scheduled Jobs

I have a need to process a queue at regular intervals. So, my canister that initiates the processing of the queue needs to run on a timer. I have seen some discussions about cron jobs in this forum. My understanding is that there is now a solution in Rust (IC Cron), but there is no solution for Motoko at this time. Is that the current status, and if so, are there any near-term plans to provide cron jobs for Motoko?

(I apologize if the answer is obvious and I just don’t understand Rust/Motoko interop.)

Thank you.


This answers one of my questions. At the moment, it is not possible to import Rust modules in Motoko. I’m glad to see that it is a goal though.

This is probably the open issue you are looking for: Support the heartbeat · Issue #2728 · dfinity/motoko · GitHub


That’s perfect - thanks!

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