Missing piece in pub/sub

So, it is clear that pub/sub on IC opens a whole new world for us. I believe it can simplify integration surface for an infinite amount of different use-cases.

Here is another little rust library from me, that should take pub/sub to a new level introducing on-chain events.

With this library, a canister can become an event-emitter canister, that just shots tons of events without managing where do these events should exactly fly to. Other canisters could become event-listener canisters and to precisely specify which events it wishes to catch and which to skip.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Nice work, I think this will be very useful in the near future → why not let someone else who cares about logs worry about what to do with them or even store them off-chain.

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Excellent work and amazing writeup on the repo! Kudos

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