Jobgrader on ICP with focus to start within the Bitfinity network - Final milestone on Grant No.1

Introducing Jobgrader on ICP as the first grant with an engagement with the EVM compatible network Bitfinity.


In a world where unverified humans and bots are compromising the accuracy of AI data and market research results, there exists a critical challenge to the accuracy and reliability of data quality training.

Businesses are facing significant challenges in its data-driven decision-making processes due to the presence of poor-quality data, as evidenced by the adage “Garbage in, Garbage out.”


With Jobgrader we offer an immediate solution that ensures reliability and confidence in data quality through our Web3 job platform for data quality training with a stringent ‘Verified Workers Only’ policy. Companies can confidently bring their jobs to our trusted web3 community of creatives and crowd workers, ensuring precision and innovation in their projects. Our escrow contract and job manifests can handle all jobs on chain with bulk payouts and distribution of any ERC20 token.

We empower businesses with exclusive access to a Verified-User-Only platform, ensuring data quality through:

  1. Proof of Humanity
  2. Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF)
  3. Human in the Loop

Additionally, we redefine the worker experience with:

  1. A Self-Managed Web3 Wallet
  2. Lightning-fast payouts
  3. Industry-Leading 90% Earnings Participation

How receiving the grant helped the development of the project ?

During the last months we have been working very hard to move the project on Bitfinity and to expand the reach for the Dfinity community.

We have implemented new job types as AB-Testing, polls and quizzes, price prediction.
The first alpha to include a Discord Bot for Identity confirmation has been build.

As part of the grant we have deployed our Escrow Contracts and Factories, Token Contracts, Staking Proxy, Reward Pools, KVStores to the Bitfinity Testnet.

We have worked hard with @Maxfinity and his team to establish a production ready version. For this we have enabled a WalletConnnect integration with a custom function to enable age and credential verification with the SSI wallet.
We have set up a full Graph Node for a GraphQL integration with a subgraph for indexing and ultrafast delivery of onchain data.

The final milestone has given us a very good overview on the Bitfinity Network and the connection to Dfinity with the canister setup. It is great to see that the future Dfinity team has extended the size of a possible canister.

We are looking forward that the Bitfinity Team is moving their network into production and solve a couple of technical limitations and issues so that we can move into a new grants round with Dfinity to enable Jobgrader with the Dfinity Community. We are looking forward to get more engaged with the Internet Identity II topic to enhance the Web2 to Web3 interoperability and add a high performance credential issuer as W3C standard with Universal Resolver integration.

Jobgrader is looking to bring more than 100.000 Crowd Workers with a full Web3 Wallet integration into Dfinity and engage with companies and projects for AI data training and growth jobs to fund them with our THXC token also on Bitfinity. The challenge for Jobgrader is to provide a huge scalability for more than 200 Million Jobs per month with a very low transaction cost to execute our bulk payout based on our onchain contracts. Dfinity and Bitfinity is considered a great network to provide the underlying technology for Jobgrader moving into production.

Please join our waitlist and if you want to engage further be part of a public beta program very soon.



Cool products, and focusing on job post. We are also building a product related to escrow, but mainly for product and services. Let’s chat more!

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Hi @bixtechco
Sure, let us do that.
What are you cooking? We are using the escrow for services as well, but it is a two sided market in this case.