Is there a way for me to monitor for new canisters on the Internet Computer?

Hey guys, I’m just a stupid moon boy trying to get rich out here so I can feed my kids. That being said… I do know a thing or two about coding. :slight_smile: I have taken a few Udemy courses, and have tinkered with JavaScript in the VS Code. Anyway, I’m wondering if one of you fine nerds could let me know how I could scan for new Canisters, so I can snatch up tokens nice and early, before they hit the streets. Can anyone help me out?

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~ Les

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Canister ids can be converted to/from integers. Have a look at some debug prints of Rust’s candid::Principal. Every subnet has ranges of these integers assigned for which it is responsible. You can maybe find the ranges via the registry, or at least from the certificates returned by the different subnets. Each subnet then creates canisters with sequential ids. So you end up with these ids as the first few canisters ever created. If you then find out where the counter is currently, it is pretty easy to scan for the newest canisters.

But to be honest

this sounds a bit too optimistic IMO. You’re probably better off looking on e.g. Discord where people talk about the projects they’re developing