Is down for everyone?

Getting redirected to an http subdomain.


Network console output



Down for me, thank you AC.

This is breaking my CI as well because the DFX install script uses this which redirects to

@diegop Not sure who to tag. Maybe you can raise this?
Impact would be quite large if the main domain is unreachable

@kpeacock @Jan @dieter.sommer
The balance in the Plug and Stoic wallets cannot be displayed, and some interactions with DAPP cannot be performed
So is this equivalent to some form of attack that exploits some vulnerability?
Another form of attack may cause more indirect impact.
Some things like IC’s reputation, the time to deal with this event, and the indirect loss of money caused by the inability to interact with some DAPP functions,etc

We’re aware and we’re on it guys. I’ll keep you posted.


I’m getting this but if you have it saved in your history you can still poke around and NNS is fine nothing is down but what you see if that helps at all. I posted a screenshot of what I see.

Actually, appreciated the resource it led me to ( )

Down for me as well. redirect to, why this thing happened?

I also cannot reach out the dashboard,

Anyone from the team know this? can you please solve the issue asap? @dieter.sommer @diegop you happened to know who takes responsible for the work?

We are currently addressing the issue. Thanks everybody!


Many things went wrong here. Among others, the status page is on the same domain so there is no public status page. We’ll post a proper post-mortem but in the meantime here is a status update:

The domain registration for administratively suspended. We are actively working on resolving the issue.

administratively suspended?

Who has administrative suspension privileges? Why did they suspend?

Would be grateful to have more details once the team’s done putting out fires :slight_smile:

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Yeah, great questions. We’re trying to get to the bottom of it ourselves.
We’ll publish more info as soon as we have it.


deep sigh I want to maybe point out something that could be overlooked in the future. If you add “The” to the current URL making it “” it’s like $11 USD If you search “InternetComputerProtocol” the same thing around $11 might be worth considering to avoid any future issues to just own the domains similar for less than $20. Just something to consider at the very least. Not going to lie my little paws have been itching to purchase the URL rights and then sell it back lol to far maybe?

Anyways, I hope this means maybe they purchase the domains on the IC and they can then do HTTPS calls from the IC and not even need cloud servers. This is probably A LOT easier said from my naive perspective though. Just my thoughts


Update: seems like is back online.

Looking at WHOIS, domain was supposed to expire next year but I do see an updated in the WHOIS for today. Maybe some lawyer has sent some unrelated copyright strike with many domains to the registrar, which in turn suspends the domains without verifying the domains relation to the copyright strike…

The web2 DNS system is a great thing that’s one of the few parts of the web that’s decentralized in many ways but the registrar part is a horrible centralized weak link :frowning:

The site can still be reached on the IC itself:

On a related note, maybe consider pointing dfx to the IC domain or make it fallback to the IC domain. And make sure is available there.

For now you can install dfx directly from GitHub by downloading one of the releases and placing the binary (named dfx) in /usr/local/bin

Latest stable release: Release 0.11.2 · dfinity/sdk · GitHub

Commands to copy the dfx file and set permissions:

sudo mv /path/to/downloaded/files/dfx /usr/local/bin/dfx
sudo chmod u+x /usr/local/bin/dfx

You can also install dfx without root (sudo) for your user only at ~/bin/


Have you guys looked into building on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP)? There’s all kinds of censorship on the current web2 infrastructure.

Check it out.

Joking aside - this is curious timing.

As promised, here is a short update.
As you have noticed, the domain is back online and fully functioning.
The short incident description is that we had an administrative issue with the domain registrar and the domain registrar suspended the domain until the issue is resolved.
Our monitoring system caught the issue and alerted the 24/7 on-call team. As this is a SEV-1 issue, the on-call team escalated the issue further and the administrative issue was promptly resolved.
We will certainly have a post-mortem discussion internally and we’ll also share more details publicly if possible.