Introducing motoko-color!

motoko-color is a library for rendering color schemes and graphics to the terminal, based on the ANSI ASCII standard.


I’ve been poking around the ecosystem for the past few weeks, and figured the dev tooling ecosystem could use a fun library like this to spur on an even better Motoko developer experience, especially in the areas of improved testing and logging libraries :tada:

This is my first “official” Motoko library so I’m happily accepting any feedback that you have on code organization, as well as any feature requests :slight_smile:

By the way @diegop, would love to have a category/tag on this developer forum specifically as a place where devs can showcase new work/libraries (unless there already is a specific place for that and I’m just missing it :man_facepalming:)


Great idea! Folks use the developer tag, but maybe another like hacker news “show HN” tag may be helpful!

I’ll ad it to my TODO