Introducing IDgeek - Identity Anchor Marketplace

This is a good idea.

You have totally my support.

Its not new that skilesare and wpb are in favor for redirecting peoples rewards to their own interest or " pay devs", not a surprise they want to prevent people from gtfo from the narrative they try to implement.

Following screenshot already illustrate peoples positions ( feel free to find more obvious one )

So yeah, could they POSSIBLY BE BIASED ? They didn’t even answer your argument properly because they know you are right. Even Manu personally think that this Market isnt an security issue. So yeah its about $$

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Great idea, I was looking for this for a while. Put my Anchor 10002 on sale today :smiley:

I can give you few icps

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I am opposed to similar sales and purchases. This is actually a loophole. The value of voting rights is underestimated in disguise. Some people with ulterior motives can buy or even borrow voting rights at a low price to happen something we don’t want to see

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This must be a dfinity shill account @icper

No, I don’t work for anyone, I bought ICP, I will only be responsible for myself! I will object to any behavior that harms ICP


Totally against buying and selling neurons. It has to be something outside of dfinity… :x: :x: :x:

I will be pleased to tell you that Dfinity is not behind the selling of neuron and are not wasting ressources on it ( unless they want to prevent it, which I think is bad )

I listed my internet identity with 11300 ICP for sale: IDgeek - Internet Identity Marketplace

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You still own the neuron if purchased but there should be a measure in place to properly address how this poses a security risk to someone gathering large amounts of voting power and using this power in aggregate to harm future governance.Why else would someone by a neuron other than for voting power? It can’t be for the ICP or assets listed because you can just buy those on your own. While it may be costly to try and take over the network it’s not completely impossible. What would stop a large player, say a competitor, from slowly gathering neurons over time to centralize votes, if not to otherwise use them maliciously? I think it’s significant enough to need to be addressed.

I think a way to perhaps implement this penalty is that purchased neurons through a marketplace should be delayed the use of voting power in one of a 3 ways.

  1. equal to the total dissolve delay that was intially set which as we know is at least 6 months

  2. a static delay of use that is determined through a proposal

  3. an equation that takes into account amount of ICP in the neuron, dissolve delay, and age bonus at the time of sale.

This way this marketplace is not completely eliminated, as I believe people should be able to trade their neurons if the wish, but is also handled in a way that preserves the security of the IC.