Introducing: Godwin 🛸

Hello dear community members,

It’s been a little while now I’ve been working on this project and I think it’s time for me to come out of the closet :smiley:

The application is called godwin. It’s quite an early version but you can already go ahead and try it out!

Godwin is composed of different subs, each sub having its own (political) dimensions. On each sub, users can give their opinion on a list of statements (agree or disagree). With every answer, their conviction profile gets updated, getting more and more accurate over time.

It is so far quite similar to some tools that are already out there, e.g. this one or that one. The novelty of Godwin is that the polls can constantly be updated with new statements to vote on. More importantly, everything is managed by the community, so that it is the users who propose, select and even categorize the votes!

I’ll be writing more documentation on how godwin works in the coming days. In the meantime if you’re interested to know more don’t hesitate to ask me questions.

Finally I’d like to thank the people who helped me building this app: special thanks to @Mathias for his constant support and for sharing his tenacity, thanks to @cyberowl for his early feedback, thanks to ICDevs for rewarding me on the bounties (this gave me a bit more time to launch the app :D), thanks to Dfinity for writing pretty good software and documentation, and finally thanks to every member of the community who helped me via this forum or discord!