Interoperability is the future of blockchain. It deserves it’s own topic on the Dfinity forum.

There have been discussions around the Internet Computer and Interoperability —

@skilesare and @wpb
Proposal to Adopt the Namespaced Interfaces Pattern as a Best Practice for IC Developers?

— but creating a topic will hopefully focus discussion and prompt further development.

From my understanding, iBridge is a crosschain dAPP in development ( — and there could be more such projects.

We must remain steps ahead of Polkadot and Cosmos — or perhaps forge alliances. For example, if we forge a partnership with Quant Network ($QNT), we would be unstoppable in the future.

IC has unique technology, unimaginable potential. We must keep the flame alive so it may grow into the forest fire we are.


I’m an idiot — but thankfully one that’ll admit it.

ICP is integrated with Bitcoin. It’s working to integrate with ETH.

Interoperability is indeed coming.


To be clear, ICP has not yet integrated. That is still a work in progres, but has made significant strides.

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Whops, thank you sir for making that clear :pray:t4:

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you are very much welcome

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