Internet identity and login


Internet Identity is accessible on two domains ( and due to an incident that occurred earlier this year (please refer to Important Community Update on domain being flagged by an anti-spam blocklist).

The incident has been resolved, and canister domains have been migrated as mentioned in the follow-up communication (New canisters will only be accessible through the domain. Existing canisters will be accessible both through and

However, the domain for the Internet Identity was not migrated, remaining until today.

Shortly after the incident, I made Juno public. Since it was unclear which domain would be the official one and since this information was not clearly communicated, I discussed it with the Juno community and we decided to use, considering it to be more future-proof.

When registering an anchor on the Internet Identity, it can work with both domains, but it requires some configuration. That’s why your anchor may work with one method but fail with the other.

The recovery phrase can be used to set up both domains for one anchor, but there may not be much documentation available on this topic.

I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have any further questions!

Thank you for giving Juno a try :+1: