Internet Computer Chess

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Hope everyone is well, I was wondering if we’d ever get to see the example on chess @hansl showcased at tungsten? I’m very interested in having a look. I’ve searched around and wasn’t able to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @KevLoui! The chess is not yet open but will be soon. Stay tuned!

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The chess example is a test for the Rust development kit. We will open source it when we make the Rust development kit available (soon…).


Thank you for the responses! I’m excited to see the Rust sdk examples!

Greetings, Hans:
Is there any chance that the chess example being readied is also being thought of, via the lens of possible IoT use case as well?

I have other Rust examples, but did you have something specific in mind?

For quiet a while now, Hans, I’ve wanted to emulate what the SquareOffNow dot com board is capable of. It might not be that fancy, where the pieces move themselves; but it I would like every physical move made on a set, to be digitally captured.

When you have almost 40 young minds in a chess lesson, you don’t have time to really get into coaching. Yet, if each game was captured (almost like a digital video), then in between class sessions tutors could work with students through the weaknesses of their game play.

Thus the IoT angle for the Rust chess editions.

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The chess example is a simple use case to demonstrate capabilities, but it could definitely be expanded upon. I don’t think anything would prevent you from doing something like that, but there would be a lot more development on the frontend and backend for it.