Intent To Launch ICPCC SNS DAO During May 10th Event: $CONF Overview


This post is an announcement and overview about the upcoming ICP Community Conference (”ICPCC”) SNS DAO in early May 2024, which will have the native token of $CONF. The whitepaper & tokenomic details are still pending, but in the meantime we can begin open dialogue, share the early plans, and collect feedback/suggestions so that it can be launched into a DAO that truly represents and supports the ICP community!

Primary Goal

To create a truly community-owned and fully self-sustaining conference event series centered around highlighting the ICP’s technology and ecosystem, in a way that’s only possible on ICP.


ICPCC has been a labor of love for Code & State, and from the beginning we’ve seen it as an event that truly belongs to the ICP community, which we’ve been honored to steward. By converting ICPCC into a fully independent DAO, we’re exploring and defining a playbook for showcasing the power of how ICP technology can be used.

Key Points

  • ICPCC is the 1st venture to spin out as a completely independent entity from the Code & State venture studio.
  • The ICPCC DAO will be a legally registered Marshall Islands Non-Profit DAO LLC, with the ability to sign legal agreements and own Intellectual Property via on-chain SNS proposals.
  • The ICPCC DAO will not have a traditional core team! Instead, key proposals will be submitted by a DAO-elected “ICPCC Council” made up from notable ICP ecosystem leaders. The council will be made up of 3-5 ICPCC SNS known neurons who host monthly public calls to discuss & structure proposals for the DAO to vote on.
  • The DAO will control 100% of the ICP raised during it’s SNS swap sale, use the treasury to hire vendors to organize its events, and then receive the income from event ticket sales and sponsorship back into the DAO treasury. This means that, once launched, the DAO will have the potential to become fully self-sustainable.
  • The goal is for the ICPCC SNS Swap sale to go live on May 10th during the global ICPCC livestream event.
  • Participants who host or attend an in-person ICPCC meetup watch party on May 10th will be whitelisted for a $CONF token airdrop. The DAO will need to adopt a proposal to distribute the airdrop after it is launched.

How ICPCC DAO is making history:

  • It will be the 1st off-chain SNS DAO. An “off-chain DAO” means it will not be controlling an on-chain dapp, but instead the DAO will operate a real world legal entity to manage off-chain activities. In this case, the DAO will be managing its treasury to fund in-person and virtual events.
  • It will be the 1st SNS DAO to launch with leadership from a self-elected council rather than a traditional core team.
  • It will become the 1st self-sustaining Web3 event series with fully DAO-controlled treasury.

SNS Launch Roadmap

  • The Marshall Islands DAO LLC filing has been submitted, and the entity should be fully registered by the end of April.
  • As of now, Code & State has already given up and handed over all Intellectual Property (”IP”) and rights related to ICPCC to the community, and the ownership of this IP will transfer to the ICPCC DAO once it’s launched and able to legally accept it via SNS proposal. At this point, ICPCC is officially out of Code & State’s hands.
  • The goal is to have the SNS swap sale to start just before the ICPCC 2024 event on May 10th.
  • An ICP community leader (yet to be announced) who is external from Code & State will submit a proposal to become the first member of the ICPCC Council. Once elected, they will prepare and submit all other early proposals that’ll be necessary to help the DAO meet the plans laid out in the whitepaper (such as adding LP for $CONF, etc).

Recommended DAO Roadmap

The ICPCC DAO will be fully in control of its own future. As such, we cannot commit it to any roadmap, but here are some general recommendation for the DAOs consideration:

  • Once launched, the DAO should try to follow the plan that will be laid out in the whitepaper. This includes adding liquidity to a DEX for the $CONF token, accepting ownership of the ICPCC IP, and electing 3-5 council members from the best and brightest leader within the ICP ecosystem.
  • Once the ICPCC council starts meeting, early planning should begin on the next events. This should include setting a budget, location, and vendor for organizing the event. The industry standard for planning a conference is 9-12 months, so we’d recommend planning for an absolute minimum of 6 months between when a vendor is contracted to start organizing a conference and when the conference will be scheduled to start.
  • Starting 2025, the ICPCC DAO should host two events per year: One multi-day in-person conference (like ICPCC 2023) & one global livestream with watch parties all over the world (like ICPCC 2024). This is because large single-location conferences are very important, but a global livestream would be the only way to include all $CONF token holders at once.
  • We believe the ICPCC DAO should try to grow its treasury, and the size of its events, over time. Recommending the DAO accomplish this by staying focused on its primary operating model as a conference series. The more ICPCC DAO spends promoting large and exciting ICP events, the more it’ll help grow the ICP ecosystem as a whole.

Attending an ICPCC Meetup

Come attend (and take over ownership of) ICPCC on May 10th!

You can register for the main livestream here and RSVP for a local ICPCC meetup watch party here. Meetup attendee will be whitelisted for a $CONF token airdrop (pending DAO launch & airdrop proposal adoption).

Host an ICPCC Meetup

If there isn’t an ICPCC meetup watch party in your city, consider applying to host one! Meetup hosts will be whitelisted for larger shares of the $CONF token airdrop (pending DAO launch & airdrop proposal adoption).

ICP Community Call-To-Action

The goal of ICPCC 2024 is to showcase the power of ICP to the wider Web3 industry in a welcoming way. Whether the viewer is a BTC maxi or ETH maxi who’s learning about ICP for the first time, we want to show them how ICP has strong value to offer what they already love within Web3!

For Web3 people ICPCC is about discovering ICP, but for existing ICP community members ICPCC is a call-to-action. It’s time to:

  • Stop fueling disagreements about “which chain is better” and start showing how ICP can make all chains stronger.
  • Share the hundreds of ICP onboarding videos, project showcase videos (we already have over 30), and other resources that will be coming out of the ICPCC event.
  • Start getting active in driving marketing for ICP forward by participating in the ICPCC SNS DAO governance.

This bull market belongs to ICP, and this is going to happen because we’re about to come together in a way no Web3 community ever has before.


Looking forward to May 10th. Making history :fire:


Thank you for providing this information @aiv. Sounds like an interesting and productive use of an SNS organizational structure. I look forward to seeing how this develops.

I’m planning to attend the Austin watch party. When I registered on, it indicated that the watch party would be in Austin, but not where in Austin. When will more specific details about the location be released? Will the ICPCC event be updated or is there a website where the details can be found.


Hi @wpb,

I’ll be in the ICPCC meetup in Austin too, excited to see you there!

I’m still working to book us a room in Capital Factory, the most well known incubator in the city. Should be able to confirm in a week or so. (and email) is how this will be communicated!


Congrats for this initiative, especially looking forward for your Council system and monthly open meetings :+1:

Think it will be a good reference for other projects. Hope it all goes right. :crossed_fingers: