In what way will i as a builder of a service be able to leverage the mechanisms of the NNS to manage governance and shares of my own service?

How would I e.g.

  • Govern the sale of shares of my service to investors?
  • Govern the amount of shares my service consists of (dilution)?
  • Paying for ICP cycles?
  • Pay contributors (coders, designers, content creators, other services i consume) with either ICP Utility Tokens, service shares or other currencies
  • Employ similar neuron / vote / ICP Utility Tokens mechanisms as used on the NNS level to govern decisions about changes within my service.

Do i for all of the above have to roll my own from scratch or will there be building blocks available that simplify creating such mechanics for my service when i do this on the ICP?


There are a lot more details coming out soon and it’ll be really interesting to explore all of this, but what was discussed a while back is the idea that your services can inherit a base governance mechanism from the NNS, which you can build on top of.


Thanks. That would make a lot of sense and would be very useful, i suppose.