In 2015 Dominic had already predicted the LUNA crash?

Dominic and Vitalik were talking about stablecoins together in January 2015…
Maybe this is why the Internet Computer does not want to integrate USDT or other stablecoins?


if put $ICP as main coin to use in IC ecosystem like BSC use $BNB. I think it’s not a bad idea either. increase value for $ICP and increase holders of $ICP when demand is high.

Yeah. There should be a direct bridge on chain between IC and the fiat system. Stablecoins like USDT will definitely change the game if integrated into the IC ecosystem. Of course there might be a large risk, but algorithmic stablecoins will play a role in the future even though we have seen the crash of UST.

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algorithmic stablecoins is a dangerous ponzi game. it can kill the whole ecosystem. I have never seen a successful algorithmic stablecoin model. due to market volatility. stablecoins that need to be backed by fiat will be safe for both users and the ecosystem.

Maybe a stablecoin can be backed by Bitcoin, because only in this way we can make everything transparent on chain. Neither USDT nor USDC is 100% transparent. In fact, as long as a stablecoin is backed by fiat, it can never be 100% transparent.