Important Community Update on domain being flagged by an anti-spam blocklist

Yeah, when will the IC be a DNS resolver we can point to? That might work

Update on action item from original list: FOLLOW UP ON ACTION ITEM: New canisters will only be accessible through the domain. Existing canisters will be accessible both through and

But this domain was throwing errors for our users on their browsers…
therefore we switched everyone back to

What do you do about canisters that are created that need to be raw… but are new?

Hi @bjoern, hope this message finds you well. Any ETA of this wonderful feature ?


Yubico recovery should be implemented securely this needs to be worked on ASAP

It’s unfair that we will be unable to recover our accounts and are being forced to use insecure seedphrases

Literally what’s the point in setting up a Yubico recovery if it’s useless in emergency scenarios

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Sadly it’s a browser limitation in the WebAuthn spec, there isn’t any way to work around that as far as I know. It’s basically scoped to the domain to prevent phishing, but that also means you’re out of luck when the domain is no longer there :confused:

Only workaround I can think of would be an app/cli tool to register and use the yubico key outside the webbrowser (the tool would basically use the same canister methods but its not tied to a domain).

Sorry you say this works but you can’t delete recovery phrases anymore ( correct me if I am wrong please )

Is a migration path still being worked on for the new link or should we just set up manually

Hey @memetics, quite some time has passed when I confirmed this, but you are right that it is no longer possible to delete the passphrase.