Internet Identity - Idea

I agree 100% with you, like almost every time by the way.

About people wanting to use the II, bu wanting to avoid the use of a recovery phrase touching Internet, here is the recap of the discussion, because it answers to your question :

Here is what Jordan wrote back then :

And this :

And @bjoern answered this, which answers to your question :

So, as we must use the recovery phrase rather than FIDO : or we improve the security of the II seed phrase generation, or we put only few ICP on the wallets not protected by a Ledger Hardwallet used as hotkey. So when you ask :

As you can see, it is not equivalent in term of security. For big amounts, the Ledger must be used as hotkey.

But as you can see, with what @bjoern writes, the problem for the NFT owners stays entire, this is why I was asking this :

CONCLUSION : If we want to use the II, the Ledger as hotkey is a necessity for big amount of ICP, but this does not solve the problem for the NFT.