IC's Starlink subnet

The Starlink subnet consists of node machines connected to the Starlink, which can reduce the communication delay between nodes all over the world.
According to my test data, the ping value from the Asian network to nns.ic0.app is about 200ms. I think the communication delay between the Asian node and the nns subnet node will also be equivalent to this. Block confirmation requires 2/3 of the nodes. Reached a consensus, which makes the update call have a great disadvantage compared with the traditional technology stack.

The realization of laser communication between Starlink satellites may greatly reduce the delay of intercontinental communication between nodes of the subnet (because the propagation speed of photons in vacuum is much faster than in optical fibers and the laser connection does not need to be like submarine optical cables due to geographical reasons. The resulting physical propagation distance becomes longer), so that the subnet has a faster synchronization state and a higher confirmation speed.

Loong-term idea: In the future, we may be able to purchase the Starlink project and conduct DAO governance through nns voting to issue additional icp, so that the information transmission infrastructure can also be decentralized. Or… build a starlink belonging to ic.


Once we colonize Mars (10 yrs), the speed of light will be a serious impediment. Only half in jest.


Quantum entanglement will take care of that. Only half in jest :wink: