ICP canister as danksharding blob multiplexer service

EIP-4844: Shard Blob Transactions Introduces a new transaction format for “blob-carrying transactions” which contain a large amount of data that cannot be accessed by EVM execution, but whose commitment can be accessed.

Blobs have a more rigid pricing model than transaction calldata: you can only buy data in chunks of 131072 bytes. This means that if the blob data is not to be completely and inefficiently dominated by a maximum of 6 rollups there is a need for a marketplace or multiplexer service which allows data to be bought and committed in smaller chunks.

At Devconnect Istanbull Dapplion and team sketched out a multiplexer service design that could combine commitments from different users (typically rollup sequencers).

However the catch is that the design is off chain and needs a trusted party or trusted hardware.

The internet computer would be well placed to fufill the role of trustless multiplexer and this not only cement a role for the ICP within the ethereum ecosystem, but also position it to be an integration point for all ethereum rollups (since committed data could be read by the canister).

Anyway read the hackMD Blob sharing protocol - HackMD